Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Valentines Day!

Everything is a phone

Sawyer loves to pretend that he is talking in the phone. Anything can be a phone, his sippy cup a bag of wipes, a remote control but his favorite are these ear phones that he brings to me (a million times a day) to put on him so he can walk around a"talk on the phone"

UFC 94

Danny had the time of his life at the UFC fight in Vegas! He came home exhausted after partying like a rock star for 4 days!

Sawyers 1st Birthday!

We were going to throw Sawyer the traditional 1st birthday bash even though I was dreading it! But fortunately Danny's family happened to be in town all at the same time which is rare so we just kind of threw it together at the last minute (thanks Amy). We had so much fun! Sawyer loved seeing his cousins and more then anything eating his Cookie Monster cake! (thanks Pop and Dama Dama) I can't believe how much cake he ate, he just kept shoveling in. The only way we got him away was to say he could take a bath (which he loves almost as much as cake)! Thank you everyone for making it so memerable!