Thursday, January 27, 2011

I got a PICKLE!

Pickle for the first time...and he likes it!

Christmas Wish List

Sawyer was circling all the things he wanted from the Toys R Us ad.... Finn just watched and took notes.

Christmas Wish List

Super Hero Halloween

Since Halloween was on a Sunday We Stayed at home and passed out candy. I am pretty sure I was more bummed then Sawyer was! He loved being in charge of the candy bowl and he did such a great job! "Come over here kids get some candy!" "Hey do you want some candy?" All the trick or treaters he was very excited to see for the exception of one! After Zombie guy came to the door Sawyer was a little freaked out it stopped him dead in his tracks he forgot he was passing out candy and thought he walked straight into a nightmare! He got over it though as soon as he dove into his candy bucket! Halloween is officially Sawyers favorite holiday! It's too bad I can't say the same for Finn he hated everything about Halloween, besides the fact that he had the stomach Flu (poor guy) the costumes were too much for him!

Haunted Ginger Bread House

Love this picture: Amy is saying cheese, Mack and Will and being their usual goofy selves and Sawyer is taking advantage of the fact that no one is paying attention to steel some stale decorating candy. The boys were so proud of their spooky house and definitely got them in the Halloween spirit cause when they were done they all put on their Halloween costumes and ran around the house fighting each other! BOYS!

Sawyers first fishing trip

Pop and Danny took Sawyer on his first fishing trip. We had an extended vacation this summer in Idaho. Joan and Greg were so gracious to let us stay with them and we had a great time! Sawyer adores his Pop and was so excited to go fishing with him! They caught only one but it was big enough for all of us to eat for dinner! In his whole 2 years of life this was probably Sawyers proudest moment! Sawyer's dream of catching a fish and taking home to eat for dinner finally came to fruition and it couldn't have happened in better company! We love you Pop and Dama

Driggs Idaho

We love going to Driggs especially in the summer! Couldn't have ordered better whether myself! We had a lot of fun as you can see! Horse back ridding ( even Joan got back on for the first time after being bucked off a couple years ago), riding the little 50 (Amys first time by the way... she had more fun then she'll admit), BBQin, going to Jackson, THE CANDY STORE (Payton only spent $14), taking western pics (everyone wanted to be a Cowboy except for Will the Indian and Finn couldn't keep the gun out of his mouth) , roasting chocolate peanut butter marshmallow bananas, a great time had by all!

chocolate party