Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Let It Snow!

We have been trying to make the best of this miserably cold weather so we bought Sawyer some snow gear and have been taking him sledding. He has a blast and it gets him nice and tired for naps!

Gym Class

We signed Sawyer up for Little Gym in October and he has been going once a week for the last few months. He absolutely loves it! He especially loves his teacher miss Cheryl she was great! He learned how to walk on the balance beam, do a forward and backward roll and lots of fun things. There was a point that I almost took him out because he had a little biting problem that caused me to have a mental breakdown but luckily it went away by itself without too many injuries to other kids! We will definitely do it again next semester.

Ginger bread cookies and crafts

Sawyer and his freiends had a little get together before Christmas and decorated cookies and made reindeer crafts it was cute to watch them. We are lucky to have such good friends for Sawyer to play with.

Christmas eve 1

We spent Christmas eve at my brothers house with my Dad and Grandma. We had a gift exchange for the kids and ate some yummy food. The guys (for the exception of Danny) spent most of the night setting up my brothers new TV. Good times!

Christmas eve 2

Christmas Morning 1

We spent Christmas morning with my sister and her family, my niece and nephews showed Sawyer what Christmas was all about! It was a lot of fun to see all the kids and how excited they were for their stuff. Sawyer got a bike and he loved it until it was time to ride it. He was a little scared of how big it was but luckily he got a scooter from grandma Cheryl and a tricycle from Nana and Papa so he was good to go! I should have just got him some packing popcorn because that's what he had the most fun with! Not to forget all the candy from the stocking he thought he'd died and gone to heaven with all that candy at 7 in the morning!

Christmas Morning 2

Christmas Morning


We went to the beach a lot thanks to Danny's obsession! The weather was nice and we had a lot of fun not a lot of better places to be! Sawyer loved playing with his cousin Teije, watching Danny surf and getting nice and sandy!



W went to the beach a lot thatnks to Danny and his obsession! The weather was beaut

San Diego ZOO

We all took a trip to the ZOO and it was alot of fun! It's crazy I didn't realize how big our family was getting until we got all the cousins togehter!