Wednesday, November 18, 2009


All together for an night non the town. Mike and Sarah were in town and we all went up to Sundance for dinner. It doesn't get much better then good food and great company!

Trick or Treat

Halloween was fun this year we dressed up as sesame street characters Sawyer was obviously Cookie monster, I was Abby Cadabby and Danny was Burt (aka guy with the uni brow). We went trick or treating with Sawyer and it was so fun to watch him react to all these people giving him candy (his favorite thing in the world) Afterward we went to a friends Halloween party, all said and done it was a fun night!


We had a little Halloween party with some of Sawyers friends. It was a lot of fun we played pin the nose on the jack o lantern and had a scavenger hunt and decorated cupcakes.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Orem Fair

We went to the Orem Fair and all Sawyer wanted to do was drive the old cars and trucks that they had there and all Danny wanted to do was drive the back to the future Delorian! Like father like son!

4th of JULY

We went to the parade again in Victor Idaho The kids had a great time, Sawyer thought it was the greatest thing how the floats throw out candy.

Water, water and MORE water

Sawyer loves the water anywhere, any time! We had a lot of fun this summer going to the pool, the beach, lake powell, and just getting wet!

C is for COOKIE

I got brave and let Sawyer help me make cookies! I'm not sure if he liked the dough or the cookies better, either way we had a lot of fun!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Bonfire at Shores

We had Family night at La Jolla Shores. We had a great time! It was so good to see everyone, we love you!

Dannys b day

For Dannys Birthday we went to San Diego. I surprised him with a night at Lows Hotel in Coronado. It was so nice we left Sawyer with my sister (a million thanks juj!) It was my first 24 hours away from my baby and I highly recommend it! It was really relaxing and we just had a great time together! I love you Danny Van!

Trip to see Pop and Dama

We took a weekend trip to Idaho. Joan and Gregs house is so beautiful it felt like a resort! We had a lot of fun!

Jump on it

We go to this place every week. Sawyer loves it because he can run wild and I love it cause he wears himself out! Every time without fail he falls asleep before we even get out of the parking lot!


this is the first time I let Sawyer eat his cereal by himself! I'm not too sure how much he actually ate. What do you think?

Easter Egg Hunt

We had an Easter "party" with some of the kids here at the condos. We decorated cupcakes and then had an Easter egg hunt. Sawyer was just so excited when he figured out that there was candy inside the eggs he was trying to steal everyone elses.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Trip to San Diego

My sister and I brought the bikes down to the beach and took the boys for a ride in the trailer it was quite the adventure. The weather could not have been more perfect! The boys loved the beach. Chad chased the birds and Sawyer chased the waves (and ate the sand).