Tuesday, August 23, 2011


After selling in Colorado we took a break and went to Idaho for a a couple months... Greg and Joan were so gracious to let us stay there until we figured out what we were going to do. We had a lot of fun the whether is so beautiful during the summer and there is so much to do.

Donkeys House

This is what happens when you are in a house full of Girls but lets be honest Sawyer didn't mind one bit.. in fact i'm pretty sure he was the instigator of the dress up tea party. Danny and Lex had a grappling session and helped bring the testosterone level back up

Sea world

I had more fun at Sea World with my kids then I ever remember having as a kid myself. Sawyer loved the show, the rides, the cotton candy, but most of all meeting his favorite people of all Elmo and Abby Cadabi! It was probably the best day of his life=)

Park with friends

Fun at the park with friends! The kids had a great time... Sawyer and chad putting sunscreen on each other was the highlight for me